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Have you been sued in court over your debt? Are you being harassed by numerous collection agencies and creditors calling you at home and at work? Have they threatened you with lawsuits, garnishments and even jail? The Law Office of Robert W. Kovacs, Jr., is an experienced and aggressive Worcester Framingham Debt Collection defense attorney who will fight for your legal rights and stop the harassment. We aggressively defend any and all debt related lawsuits brought against you. You may have valid legal defenses against debt collection lawsuits including the statute of limitation. In some cases you may have a good and valid counter claim against the debt collection agent or original creditor, and if so you may be entitled to monetary damages. Regardless of the reason for your debt, we can explain the options you have to overcome this difficult situation.

About Debt Collection Defense in Worcester and Framingham

As a debtor, you may face legal action on the part of a debt collection company in their efforts to recover the debt they claim you owe. Under State and Federal law, debtors are granted certain rights that protect them from unfair debt collection practices. A violation of any of these laws may be grounds to successfully challenge a debt collection lawsuit. For example, the debt collection agency may not be licensed in Massachusetts or may not be able to appropriately validate your debt. Or, the statute of limitations may have expired (the legal time limit within which a debt can be enforced by way of the legal system.) In these and similar situations, a debt collection defense lawyer may be able to use this to your benefit in court to successfully counter the collector's case against you.

Many bankruptcy attorneys in Worcester, MA such as Robert W. Kovacs, understand how taxing and frustrating it can be to deal with constant debt collectors. It will take a thorough investigation and understanding of consumer rights and debt collection law in order to successfully defend you if you are being sued by a debt collector or creditor. Fortunately, Attorney Kovacs has the knowledge and experience to properly address your case and work to build a compelling case on your behalf.

Contact Worcester Framingham debt collection defense lawyer Robert Kovacs today to see how you can challenge any debt collection lawsuit you may be facing.

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