I've been there too - my personal bankruptcy story

I've been there too – my personal bankruptcy story

Clients often share their personal financial struggles with me during a free consultation.

I want to take a moment and share my story with you.

After graduating from college, I felt I was on the road to financial success. I had a good job (they even paid for my apartment, car and utilities) problem was it was a temp job. Once that job ended I had a hard time finding another. After working at a dentist's office for a year and then at the Worcester County Food Bank (great job, not great pay) I started law school. The bills were starting to add up.

During law school my now wife and I had our first son Carter (check out the video's on the website, he is in them). I worked at Panera Bread while my wife worked at Toys R Us. Our credit card debt and student loan kept growing.

After I graduated from law school my wife, son and I moved in with my dad. We could no longer pay rent our new student loan bill and the credit cards. Neither of us had a job.

I did not know what to do. I was worried about my credit score; would I be able to buy a house ever? I was worried about buying food for my son. We received public assistance.Would my wife and I ever find a job?

So I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy. My credit card debts were discharged; soon after my wife got a job teaching 6th grade English and my law practice slowly grew.

We still had our student loans to pay after the bankruptcy but it was a little easier with no credit card debt.

Since we did not have to pay rent we were able to save some money. It took us about two years to save enough for a down payment on a modest house.

Ever since then we have continued to live modestly and save.

This is my bankruptcy story, it can get better for you, as it did for me.

To all my clients that share their bankruptcy story with me.

Thank you,