Paying your Chapter 13 Plan -- on-line

Paying your Chapter 13 Plan -- on-line

Currently the only way to make your monthly payment to the chapter 13 trustee is through money order or bank check. That is changing, the Kovacs Law Office has been asked to participate in a pilot program where all cases commenced after January 1, 2012 will be able to make on-line payments. The payments can be made automatically or as one time payments.

The best part, you will get e-mail reminders to pay the trustee. Until now there were no reminders sent to pay the trustee.

You can sign up for this program now if your case number starts with a "12" or "13." The Kovacs Law Office is one of only 12 firms in Massachusetts participating in the program.

You can sign up and learn more information at Please understand you pay a processing fee for the service, however, the fee is less than the cost of a paper money order.

If you sign up for the program please let me know how it is going, your comments will help shape the future of on-line paying in the future.

If you have any questions about this program please do not hesitate to contact me.

Robert Kovacs