Businesses Can Survive After A Bankruptcy

Businesses Can Survive After A Bankruptcy

Business Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy law benefits both individuals and businesses in financial hardship. Learning how to not mix personal and business finances is often hard, yet essential to being successful. Having a knowlegeable accountant on staff is important, but even then mistakes happen. A business bankruptcy, we can help keep you and/or your business successful. Donald Trump is an example of someone that has filed bankruptcy numerous times yet has remained very successful.

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In exchange for getting some of these bankruptcies approved, Trump had to give up Trump Airlines, a mega-yacht, and an almost 50% stake in the Grand Hyatt Hotel. But even after all those filings, Trump currently has an estimated fortune greater than $2.7 billion, as he keeps his personal money separate from his business money.

As you will note, sometimes establishing separate (corporate) entities is best to separate your personal funds to those for business use, and doing so limits liability should your business suffer. Whether you are a business man like Donald Trump or a father of four, separating the two worlds is key to a successful business.

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