Don't Let Lack of Funds Stop You From Filing Bankruptcy

Don't Let Lack of Funds Stop You From Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Lawyer

What a conundrum. Bankruptcy costs money to file, and you don't have enough money to file for bankruptcy. This is due to dealing with knee-deep debt for a long time with no resolve. Despite the tough situation, there is an answer.

You may want to try the following in order to fund your bankruptcy lawyer's expertise so you can file bankruptcy.

  • Part ways with unnecessary expenses by cutting back on the cable bill, reducing phone plans and eliminate dining out. Cut out similar expenses.
  • Stop paying debt for a few months and use the cash flow remaining through credit cards, home equity or other loans to file.
  • Cash out part of retirement plans or pension to pay for filing.
  • Sell valuable items that you will lose in bankruptcy anyway such as the second car, jewelry, electronics or artwork through eBay, Amazon, Craigslist or a garage sale.
  • Use your tax refund.
  • Payment plans are available.

Never file bankruptcy on your own; making one mistake on the document will cost a lot more than a dismissal. Lean on us as your financial solution. The Kovacs Law Firm will assist you with your catch-22 dilemma.