Eviction Moratorium in Massachusetts

This past April, the governor signed 191-H.4647 into law. It provides a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, effective immediately. The spread of this terrible virus has affected many individuals, making it difficult to meet certain financial obligations. Continue reading to learn more about how this eviction moratorium in Massachusetts can help you.

About the Eviction Moratorium

The eviction moratorium in Massachusetts began on April 20, 2020 and will end on August 18, 2020, or 45 days after the governor lifts the state of emergency, which began on March 10, 2020. If the governor never cancels the state of emergency, however, the eviction moratorium may last up to 90 days longer and the governor may repeat it as often as necessary. Even if businesses reopen, it has nothing to do with the state of emergency, which will continue to remain in effect.

That said, not all evictions in the state are banned. The eviction moratorium only stops non-essential evictions.

Below is a list of non-essential evictions that are paused by the moratorium:

  • Foreclosure
  • Non-payment
  • No fault or no cause
  • Any fault or cause except those related to criminal activity that impairs the safety or health of other residents or lease violations that may impact the safety or health of others

Ultimately, the only evictions that can move forward are those that directly impact health and safety. The eviction moratorium does not make any sort of distinction between those who were already in arrears before the pandemic and those who stopped paying rent as a result of COVID-19.

The eviction moratorium does not mean you no longer have to pay your mortgage. At best, it is possible to have payments rescheduled, though most are still due on time.

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