Foreclosure: How You Can Save Your Home in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Are you experiencing some serious financial struggles? Are you concerned about losing your home? There are options available not only to help you save your home from repossession, but also to help you eliminate your overwhelming debts so that you can get a fresh start. One of the best and most common of these options is Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Most people shy away from bankruptcy due to misconceptions. They think of it as a shameful last resort, when the truth is that bankruptcy was specifically designed to help anyone—even responsible, upstanding citizens—find relief from unmanageable debts, no matter how it was accumulated. Do not hesitate to learn more about Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you are looking to save your home and get a fresh start on your financial health.

Chapter 13 & Foreclosure: The Automatic Stay

The moment you file your petition for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an “automatic stay” is put on all foreclosure, repossession, and debt collection practices. This means that your bank is not legally allowed to foreclose on your home! It doesn’t end there, however, because you will still need to agree on a repayment plan that allows you to keep your home after your repayment period is over and your debts are discharged.

Without the proper Chapter 13 plan in place, you could still lose your home to foreclosure after bankruptcy. By agreeing with your mortgage lender on a plan that allows you to keep your home, however, you could eliminate your debt and remain in your home.

A Chapter 13 plan is an agreement between you and your lenders, where you commit to paying a specific amount of money each month for a set period of time—usually 3 to 5 years—after which your remaining debts are forgiven and discharged.

You may be able to come to an agreement with your mortgage lender that allows you to make regular payments for the next few years and then have any eligible debts discharged after that. While you may not have your entire mortgage forgiven, you may at least by able to have other debts eliminated so that you can afford to make your mortgage payments in the future, allowing you to keep your home and avoid foreclosure!

Learn More from a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Worcester, MA

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