What Happens if I Cannot Make my §341 Meeting

With the snow that fell this weekend I cannot help but think now may be a good time to mention what happens if a debtor cannot make their assigned time and date for their §341 meeting.

The §341 meeting is often the only meeting a debtor has to attend; they are not a formal Court process and are not held before a judge or even at the Court House. The §341 meeting gives the Case Trustee and others a chance to ask questions about the debtor’s financial affairs.

It is uncommon for anyone other than case trustee and the debtor’s lawyer to be present during the §341 meeting in consumer cases. The meetings are typically short lasting only 5 – 10 minutes for chapter 7 cases and about 15 minutes for chapter 13 cases.

When your bankruptcy case is filed, the Court will automatically assign your case a Case Trustee (who represents the creditors) and a time for the meeting.

If for some reason you are unable to make the scheduled meeting time then you can request that your case trustee reschedule the meeting. The case trustee will give you a new time and date. The debtor, typically through her lawyer, will have to send notice (a letter) to all the creditors stating the new time and date of the meeting. Of course the more notice you can give the case trustee about your need to reschedule the better, however, in the case of an emergency or inclement weather you may not be able to give the case trustee much notice at all.

Warm wishes.