Most Debtors in bankruptcy can keep their Tax Return

Around this time of the year many struggling families look to their income tax return to provide some relief. These same struggling families often consider filing for bankruptcy.

A common question becomes: Can I file bankruptcy and keep my tax returns?

Typically, yes an individual can keep his or her tax return.

Although everyone’s bankruptcy case is different and an individual assessment of your case will be required, most debtors are able to completely exempt their tax return, thus protecting from the case trustee and your creditors.

If, you are in the small minority of debtors that are unable to fully exempt your tax return, you may be able to plan your exemptions and spend down some of the tax return prior to filing for bankruptcy. Thus, you will keep the entire tax return.

Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your particular case and determine the best way to protect your tax return and all your assets from your creditors and the bankruptcy trustee.