I have Filed for Bankruptcy and my Bank has Asked me to Reaffirm my Car Loan.

The goal for most individuals in bankruptcy is to receive a discharge of their debts. A discharge is a release of your legal obligation to repay your debt. With limited exception the discharge will discharge all your debt including your car loan.

However, in order to keep the car post bankruptcy you MUST continue to make the payments to avoid repossession.

Reaffirmation is a process in which an agreement is filed with the Court which says that the debtor is again personally liable on the debt.

In Massachusetts this agreement is unnecessary. Under Massachusetts State Law a bank cannot repossess a car unless there is a default which must includes one or more missed payments (see MGL Chapter 255 §20A).

Therefore, as long as you remain current on your car loan, in Massachusetts, you are able to keep the car without threat of repossession.

Banks will often point to federal law to scare people in to reaffirming. The federal law states that if there is no reaffirmation agreement then the bank can repossess even if you are current on the payments. However, your bank is bound to repossess under state law. So do not fall for this scare tactic.

If you have any questions about reaffirmation please feel free to give me call.