To Escape From Creditor Harassment

If you’re suffering from constant creditor harassment because you’re behind on your debt, you may consider retaining a bankruptcy lawyer and filing for bankruptcy. While you have the option of advising your creditors to stop contacting you, you still have an obligation to pay your debt. Filing for bankruptcy not only provides you with protection from your creditors but also the opportunity to start over financially.

Out of Control

Usually, when someone files for bankruptcy, they’re already behind on most, if not all, of their debt. And once you start to get behind on payments, things seem to snowball out of control. It starts out small with credit card debt, and eventually it’s to the point where the car and mortgage payment obligations are not met.

There are many reasons why debt can be very overwhelming: a medical illness, job loss or military deployment. Many reasons are beyond your control, but your creditors have no interest in hearing what you have to say, they just want their money. So, the phone calls and letters will no doubt continue.

Enter Bankruptcy

Once you file for bankruptcy, it puts an automatic stay on the debt collection. This means that debt collectors cannot continue to harass you. Upon filing, your creditors receive notification of your filing. If a debt collector ignores the notice, you can notify them that you’ve filed for bankruptcy and that they should cease all communications. Creditors that still continue to harass you, even after they've been advised of your bankruptcy status, can face penalties.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding filing for bankruptcy, the automatic stay, or debt collection harassment, contact us.