Creditors that continue to attempt to collect on discharged debt are violating the law.

At the conclusion of most individual bankruptcy cases a Debtor receives a “discharge” of his debts. The discharge is a release of your personal legal obligation to repay your debts. In part that discharge serves as an injunction against the discharged creditors ever attempting to collect a discharged debt.


In some cases a creditor may ignore the discharge injunction and continue to harass the debtor in an attempt to collect the debt. This harassment is illegally and hampers the Debtor’s ability to get a fresh start and move on in life.


A creditor may be liable to a debtor for violations of the discharge and have to pay to the debtor money damages.


If you have been the victim of harassing phone calls, collections letters, or other debt collection activates on discharged debt you may be entitled to money damages.  


The Law Office of Robert W. Kovacs, Jr. will pursue all such violations. We will handle your discharge violation case even if you used another attorney for the underlying bankruptcy case.