What to Expect at your 341 Meeting!

What to Expect at your 341 Meeting!

Anyone filing Bankruptcy must go through several steps including a 341 Meeting. The 341 meeting is held in front of a trustee and not a judge. The trustee will swear the person in and verify identity. At this meeting creditors may attend but it is not likely. Even though the creditors most likely will not attend they can call or file complaints at a later time. The trustee will ask a few questions and explain what is expected of the person filing.

It is highly recommended that anyone filing Bankruptcy have an experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer. The laws can be complicated and difficult for the average person to decipher. The Lawyer will also be at the 341 meeting to help guide you through the meeting.

Overall the 341 Meeting is fairly informal. Although a client may be nervous after the 341 Meeting the stress of the debt will be gone.

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