NACBA on ABC News with Diane Sawyer on 5/28

Dear NACBA member:

On Monday, May 28, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer will be airing a piece on student loan debt, interviewing NACBA President Billy Brewer and a borrower provided by one of our very own NACBA board members, Pam Stewart. We are still waiting for certain pieces to fall into place, but if all goes well, the segment will run at 6:30 EDT on Monday, May 28. If you are unable to watch the segment, you can view it after it airs online at:

Having this segment run on Memorial Day is no coincidence. As you will see in this segment, the borrower story provided by Pam Stewart involves a military family (both father and son-Vietnam and Iraq) who are crushed by student loan debt due to both private and federal loans as well as personal loans by the son and cosigned loans on the part of the father. The son's intentions were true-he served three tours in Iraq and came home desiring to be a public school teacher-the father's help was understandable, yet they now find themselves in a very troubling position as a family.

We would like to point out that THIS is how our story collection efforts come together. It is as simple as contacting Zach or Angie with a compelling story and they work with us to go through the collection when we have a media request - we never know exactly what reporters in the future will be looking for so let us know about any compelling case that walks in your door. This is a perfect example of how YOUR efforts support our student loans campaign and beyond. Again, we ask you to email Angie ANY and ALL compelling stories on student loans or other issues you think are worth addressing to We thank you for all you do and hope you tune in!


Alex Grodin
Director, Government Communications and Outreach
The Hastings Group, LLC
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