Benefits of Using a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Benefits of Using a Bankruptcy Lawyer

When a person needs to file for bankruptcy there are serious decisions they must make. Some individuals believe they will save money if they just file the paperwork with the bankruptcy court themselves. If they have no legal background this could lead to more problems. They may not understand what assets or liabilities to list. Choosing the type of bankruptcy that best fits their situation is crucial. There are many benefits to using the services of a bankruptcy attorney.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney will know all the documents that need to be filed with the court and assist in completing them. Doing this correctly requires knowing the proper ways to protect all of a person's financial interests. Many situations require knowing how to properly follow complex bankruptcy laws.

An attorney will know how to handle creditors. They can contact them directly and work out a deal or inform them of the bankruptcy proceedings. If their client continues to be contacted by creditors an experienced attorney will know how to make them stop.

A bankruptcy attorney will help a person meet filing deadlines. If someone tries to handle their own bankruptcy and misses a filing deadline, the court could dismiss their case.

A person represented by an attorney is more respected by trustees, creditors and the bankruptcy court. A large number of Chapter 7 bankruptcies handled by individuals are quickly dismissed for missing a filing deadline or not following the rules. Most of the Chapter 13 plans filed with a bankruptcy court without an attorney are not confirmed.

When a person is in bankruptcy court without legal representation, they could be at a disadvantage if their creditors are represented by a lawyer. There is a chance the person may not get the full benefit of the bankruptcy system.

Anyone who is considering bankruptcy should speak with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. They can explain the process and make certain all legal requirements are met. Contact us today and learn more.