I just filed for bankruptcy and forgot to tell my lawyer about a creditor

It is often difficult to keep track of all your creditors. Making matters worse, often times debt collections agents and/or debt buyers make it confusing to understand who you owe.

If, for some reason, a creditor is not included in the initial bankruptcy filing and your bankruptcy case is still open, then worry not the creditor can still be added to your bankruptcy filing. The debt owed to the added creditor must have been incurred prior to filing of your initial documents.

A Motion to Amend your Bankruptcy filing will need to be filed with the Court. Currently the Court will charge a $26 Court filing fee to Amend Schedule D, E, or F.  Here at the Law Office of Robert W. Kovacs, Jr., we will, in most cases, file one Amendment to Schedule D, E, or F without charging additional legal fees.