How long after bankruptcy can I buy a new home?



Filing bankruptcy does not prevent you from buying any property, including a new home or cars. However, the better question is; when will a bank give me a mortgage for a new home?


Chapter 7 bankruptcy will be listed on your credit report for ten years after you file bankruptcy. The listing of the bankruptcy on your credit report is not a legal bar to obtaining credit; however, it is a factor that a bank will use in determining whether or not to extend you credit.

Smaller loans, such as credit cards, will be available to most debtors shortly after filing. Most debtors start getting solicitations for post-petition credit cards within a month or two of filing.

Car loans may also be available right after the case is filed but you should expect a very high interest rate.

As for home mortgage, it will likely take 2 – 3 years until you can expect to be approved. However, some individuals get a new home mortgage in as little as 1 – 2 years or sooner.


The bank’s decision to extend credit is unique based on your situation, the bank will look at factors such as, credit reports and score and income to debt ratio to determine to extend credit to you.